GoLang, is it a compilable script?

It is the first time that I used GoLang for real work.
Just a small piece of code which push Linux System memory and disk utilization to AWS CloudWatch from EC2 instance.

It is easy task and Amazon also provide official Amazon Linux Monitor scripts for such topic, which is written by Perl.

As working with CoreOS, I need a binary version for such scripts. I built go-aws-mon in about one day without any GoLang knowledge before. This is the repository on GitHub,

As an operation guy, I just think about the compilable script -- GoLang, maybe it is not for system administrator when is designed. But now it is really easy to work with different system, operation tasks, especially in cloud environment with GoLang.

Coding like Python, running like C/C++, that's really nice.
It is easy to use AWS Go SDK, also similar to Python Boto.


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