Change my workstation back to Fedora

I just changed my workstation from ElementaryOS to Fedora 22, because as months testing, I think ElementaryOS is not fit for me and it might not be a stable enough for a Cloud DevOps engineer. I am not sure what's wrong with the latest update, but it is always CRASH and something is related to Gala. I reported crash I think. But now, in my VM, I can not reproduce it because I think it is related to Nouveau X driver with the hardware.

Anyway, I can not let my workstation crash everyday any more.
Let me just keep it in my VM in near future.

Back to Fedora, it is so nice.

Another reason is Evolution on Fedora supports Exchange very well, but I didn't what's reason the EWS didn't work on ElementaryOS. I think it should not be ElementaryOS, it should be caused by Ubuntu.

But Fedora is wonderful as before. It took me ONLY 30 minutes to get Fedora workstation ready to work including such as AWSCli and so forth.

With F22, up to now, the issue that I can NOT let the bridge network working with NetworkManage. I think there is a bug in F22 which was reported and verified already.
But the guys said they can use command line tool "nmcli" to up the slave connection as "sudo nmcli con up ", unfortunately, it is not working for me. 
I think this is the bug in Fedora Bugzilla,

This is the blog described the workaround that didn't work on my workstation.


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