Nouveau driver issue on workstation

The nouveau driver has issue with Fedora 22 on my workstation too, I think it might be the same issue as ElementaryOS one. For long time running, 3 or more days, Nouveau will report has no channel to connect and from Fedora's journal log, I can see many nouveau errors and system just reported /dev/dmsg overrun and some messages lost.
When this happened, I hard to caught more information as the console and keyboard didn't work anymore. I can SSH to the system but it is impossible to restart GDM or X windows. Only a system reboot can bring back it.

No time to dig into such problem, just try the Nvidia driver then.

For Fedora user, it is luck we have a new Nvidia repository and it looks much cleaner and straightforward than before ones.

Just try it.
I didn't use CUDA or more features here, so I didn't install additional things. Only keep simplest life,

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo=
sudo dnf install nvidia-driver 
sudo reboot 

Then enjoy your life. Will update this for some days running.

========Updated ==================
This issue is not fixed with Nvida driver so I went back to Nouveau.

This issue is something about the Link of DisplayPort as my monitoring used miniDisplayPort connection
and the error message is that "Link Training Failed" and in some situation, even though a reboot can not bring back the monitor links.
That's the real issue, I think.


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